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Product Description

This is battery powered, Transit Time flowmeter utilising advanced digital processing technology. The meter contains no moving parts and does not require external power. It also has advantages such as ultra low power consumption, high accuracy and reliability. The meter is designed for easy installation. It has the same conduit length as industrial mechanical water meter, but can be used just as conveniently as a mechanical water meter.


1. Long term stability and accuracy over a wide range of conditions
2. High reliability and minimum maintenance requirement
3. Maintenance free meter where no external power sources are available
4. Communication port permits transfer of data from remote stations to central system via GSM – GPRS modem
5. Self adjusting transducer receiver circuit continually adapts to changing pipe diameters due to scaling or corrosion
6. Fast response to flow transits
7. Available with AMR function
8. Battery life 5 Years (10 years optional)
9. Unique housing design related to IP68
10. On board self diagnostic function and fault indicator


Main Technical Data:

Parameters Specifications
Technical Characteristics Low power consumption, digital pricess technology with stable and permanent PiezoSeal sensor
Accurace ±1% of reading (optional ±0.5%)
Repeatabilty 0.2% of span
Dispaly Total flow, flow rate, velocity, working time & date, signal intensity, quality and battery status
Output 4-20mA, Pulse for total flow (all outpurs need external power supply 24 V DC)
Communication interface GSM, GPRS
Operation Inside keypad available
Sampling period 0.5 sec.
Environment Temp. Up to 65°C
Water Temp. 5 to 70°C
Power Supply 3.6 V Lithium battery
Eclosure Class IP 68
Pipe Size DN 16-600
Flange standard DIN PN, ANSI, BS, IS


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