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  1. Features:

  2. 1) Dry-dial, magnetic drive, protected against external magnetic tampering;
  3. 2) Vacuum sealed register, frost resistant, keeps clear reading for long time
  4. 3) Brass body, cast body or plastic body, optional;
  5. 4) Internal or external adjusting device, optional;
  6. 5) Conform to, IS: 779:1994,ISO: 4064 Class-B standard
  9. Accuracy:

  10. 1) From minium flow rate (Qmin) Inclusive to transitional flow rate (Qt),
  11. 2) Exclusive +- 5% From transitional flow rate (Qt) Inclusive to Maximum flow rate (Qmax),
  12. 3) Exclusive +- 2%

Working Conditions:

Water Temperature <=45 Degree Celsius 
Water Pressure <= 1MPa
Maximum Pressure -16 Bar


Head Loss Curve:

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Main Techincal Data:

TypeSize (mm)Length (mm) LLength inculding Nut Nipple (MM)Width (mm) WHeight (mm)HConneting Thread D
Multi jet Class B King1516525097109G ¾ B
2019029098110G 1 B
25260380104117G ¼ B
40300430125148G 2 B
50330470125148G 2 ½ B

Dimension Curve:

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Performance Data:

Nominal Size DN (MM)Minimum Reading Quantity In litersHydro Static TestMaximum Flow Rate Qmax-Lts/hr.)Terminal flow rate qn-Lts,/ hrTransitional Flow rate Qn-lts/ hrMinimum starting Flow Qmin-lts/ hr
150.12.0 Mpa3000150012030
200.12.0 Mpa5000250020050
250.12.0 Mpa7000350028070
400.12.0 Mpa2000010000800200
500.12.0 Mpa30000150001200300

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